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It is a well known fact that yoga helps both the mind and the body, so find 20 minutes a day to practice yoga, and you will become familiar with muscles in your body  you didn’t even know existed. The following list of health benefits of yoga is from an article titled “11 Unexpected Health-Promoting Benefits of Yoga” published on-line on Everyday Health (https://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness-pictures/10-surprising-health-perks-of-yoga.aspx#01):

Benefit 1:     Emotional Health Boost

Benefit 2:     Back Pain Treatment

Benefit 3:     Fertility Aid

Benefit 4:     Hangover Relief

Benefit 5:     Heart Disease Helper

Benefit 6:     Asthma Ease

Benefit 7:     Arthritis Fighter

Benefit 8:     Insomnia Buster

Benefit 9:     Multiple Sclerosis Help

Benefit 10:   Memory Boost

Benefit 11:    PTSD Benefit